Products & Services Quality


The seamless integration of the entire Quality System to every step of the Business Process System is a guarantee both of an excellent final quality products (in terms of overall performance and service life) and of services (those indispensable for the success of the production process and those relating to the provision of the services themselves).

High performance for innovative products of high quality and reliability can only be achieved and guaranteed through the active involvement and responsible for all Corporate functions enabling:


  • An appropriate choice of raw materials already in the design phase
  • An appropriate optimization of the production processes already designed during product development
  • A constant action of training and update of the staff all internal and external (Suppliers)
  • An incessant action of control and verification of all processing steps and all the tools and equipment manufacturing


In this regard, the Company Management promotes and encourages ceaseless action of continuous improvement that requires, we are aware, a major investment in terms of energy and resources in the achievement of objectives consistent with the Company Quality Management Policy .

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