Customer Satisfaction


The full knowledge and complete conviction that the most valuable asset and vital for a company is made by the Customer and his loyalty, have for some time focused our choices and increased our commitment to a full "Customer Satisfaction" activity, as also suggested by the ISO 9000 standards.


Important results in this direction were obtained through targeted action to global involvement at all levels of all functional  internal and external company components, involved in the processes.

The constant action to raise awareness of Suppliers (perceived as a Partner in the company production process), adequate training of internal employees to all functions and at all levels, a strong attention to any possible review of the data, a fruitful interchange of functional information to payment of benefits to every single part and an appropriate active involvement of the customer are mandatory and essential components for achieving the Company's growth objectives.


In order to ensure constant improvement of the quality of the service provided and in any case, at least in line with customer expectations, a monitoring process was specifically designed to measure, weigh and assess the level of satisfaction perceived by Customer  in respect of each stage of the process.


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