/ Underground Cabinet  600x600mm - IP68

Underground Cabinet  600x600mm - IP68

The cabinet occupies a reduced road surface, underlying a manhole in 60x60cm minimum size cast iron.
It 'consists of a fixed container in its installation and of a movable part, the roof of which constitutes the closing cover of the same.

At this cover is hung on the complex equipment rack.
Constructed of stainless steel AISI 304 and outside painted with bituminous-based compound.
It has the entry of cables with metal sleeves buffered and arranged in the lower part in the vicinity of the base, in whose interior is a free space reserved for the dispersion of the same.


On the lid is fitted with two sections of finned profiles for passive heat dissipation.
The rack is the movable part, which is lowered inside the container in the closed position and rises in the opening for access on all four sides to the various elements.                               


It contains neatly the power elements, including the Energy Provider counter device and the part together with the telephone transmission equipment.
At the center of the same it is arranged access to the automatic system which lowers and raises the rack, generating as a whole the operation of closing and opening of the cabinet.
The automatic system is activated manually by a crank or, for a more rapid operation, by a cordless screwdriver.


The cabinet is designed for direct burial in the cockpit and/or direct burial in the ground.

- In cockpit:
The installation is carried out in the cases that there are wells already in work to use and\or where there is the need for new pose for using in conjunction with other needs.
The cockpit can be the 90x70cm type or the 125x80cm type.
- In the ground:
In this case, it adds a simple square section structure, articulated with beams L (equal sides) in Fe 510 steel, vertical arranged at the corners of the square, connected to each other at ends, loaded tip for the support of the manhole cast iron D400 60x60cm. with its live loads.
For ease of installation, the above structure is anchored to a concrete base reinforced (80x80cm, 10cm thick), which rests directly on

the bottom of the excavation.

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