/ "ROE" - FTTh building optical distribution box

"ROE" - FTTh building optical distribution box

It contains 4 junction modules SC compact type. The connector port rack handles 24 terminations of SC connector type. It allows management of two cable inputs or a continuous cable and the eventual relaunch cable. Prepared for the management of type "VertiCasa"/single-fiber cables (Ø 2 ÷ 3 mm) or Fujikura single user rectangular, with input from the bottom or from the top.

It is equipped with fiber wealth sinks in input and output.


It can be easily installed on the wall. On request can be equipped with kits for installation on poles. The cover and the flap can be unhooked to facilitate the initial installation activities. The two incoming cables can be installed at a later time during the first installation.
- 4 junction modules SC type
- 24 adapters of SC type
- maximum three 1x4, 1x8, 1x16 box splitters
- up to 4 links point to point can be managed
- maximum 4/8 relaunch fibers can be managed
- suitable for outdoor / indoor use
- fitting for coiled tubing Ø 25 mm for the top exit or from the bottom (on request)


Scheda Tecnica - ROE-209 Ripartitore Ottico Edificio.pdf


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