/ MSAN - TIM Cabinet

MSAN - TIM Cabinet

Base Module: cabinet can accommodate apparatuses transmissive devices ONU-Cab, installable on ETSI / 19'' standard frames, optical termination, electrical power meter, electrical panel, external termination strips for copper lines in IDC technology from 100 pairs, strips with POTS-Splitter filter.




- Expansion module/ Heightening Form: cabinet can accommodate transmission equipment installed on a standard ETSI / 19" frame.
Such a module can be superimposed on the base module for the only expansion of the capacity of potential services, up to a maximum of 2 elements (so-called Expansion Module), or it can be installed individually on the types of existing ripartilinee cabinets in operation (so-called Heightening Form).
- mechanical adaptation interfaces for extension modules and raising modules.
- Only Top cover (roof) to the basic module, last expansion module, raising module for distribution cabinets.


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