Who We Are


Our History

CIS Sud S.r.l., with offices and factory located south of Rome in the Ariccia industrial area, is on the TLC National Market since 1980 (since 1989 in the current legal form).

Ever since its foundation, the Company is the official supplier for all of connectivity products to TELECOM ITALY, and, by the liberalization of the telecommunications market in Italy, of all new major Managers fixed and mobile telephony as well as all Installation and/or devices supply companies.

Since 1996 CIS Sud S.r.l. (owner of the NOS of the Prime Minister's Office) is ISO 9000 (now ISO 9001: 2008) certified and is present as accredited national suppliers.

Also has entered SOA OS19 class V and is accredited by Telecom Italian General Management and at the local units.



CIS Group


  • CIS Finanziaria S.p.A. (Holding)
  • 1981: Constitution of the General partnership (s.n.c.)
  • 1989: transformation into a limited liability company (s.r.l.)
  • 1992: evolving a joint stock company ( S.p.A.)


Holding Financial Group




CIS SUD S.r.l.


Founded in 1989.
Industriale Area: 7.000 mq

Development of new technologies for innovative applications (50 patents).

Design, development and manufacture of optical components, high-tech metal and plastic.
Design, development and assembly of complex accessories for Telecommunications Networks.

Network Systems for Telecommunications.

Molding of components and finished products made of thermoplastic material: the molds are designed, developed and produced directly.



CIS TECH s.r.l.


Founded in 1991.
Industrial Area: 1.500 mq

Applied research for Telecommunications micro components.

Molding of thermoplastic components.

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