Our Activities


Altought manufacturing is the largest Group's activities (design, development and manufacture of products for telecommunications networks fiber optic and copper), for the past several years, based on the experience gained through collaboration with major national plant engineering Companies, the activity towards the installation and service sector was extended (both as regards the realization of the external networks, and the wiring and the installation of equipment in the Central Office).


In this context, we can highlight that CIS SUD S.r.l. has more than 50 patents including FLOATING SYSTEM® to lay the fiber optic cable. The FLOATING develops a forced water flow which carries the cable into the tube with uniform and distribuited action.

A 16000 Km. network was made for the national major Operators.

From those results, ITU has made the provisional Recomendations L.61 thanks to CIS Sud bibliography.


Finally and not in order of importance, the patented system of "Line Testing": a remotely manageable system that allows the control of the copper access networks in all WIND Central Offices and currently being equipped and also tested in some TIM Central Offices.





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